The Walking Sticks – For Liz

Born with brilliant brain
and a betraying body
she crawls from a baby,
to a 5th grader
literally on her hands and knees
in elementary school hallways At age 13
she got her first
“Walking Sticks.”
Her parents and close to 500 volunteers
no exaggeration
for years helped her retrain her
body and brain in order to
eventually crawl
then finally progress
to her distinct
Left stick, left foot
Right stick, right foot
forward Her shuffle-slide,
moves her body
and brain
a few more feet. This movement
causes pause
for everyone
who walks beside her. She always slows down
our pace
and grants us the ability to see
much more at her
half speed
flying. Friends for 20 years
I call her Rolodex brain,
with her photographic memory,
she offers a font
of knowledge, love,
and a friendly, hard-ass
social worker’s attitude
that makes her
LDS home teachers blush
but they never question her sincerity. With a life agenda
continually re-arranged
and changing
and not always
what she wants it to be,
she still moves and loves to
dance in place
holding your hands
at her ward singles dances. And with her
left stick forward
left foot forward and  her
right stick forward and
right foot forward,
and with nothing
but her example
ans persistence
she moves,
she moves.
Copyright © 2018 by Carolyn M. Bevington. All Rights Reserved.

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