The Wide Eyed Wonders Graphic Poetry Project
Illustration Process + Technical Details.

(Scroll down to see images of Geoff Bevington’s example illustration and scroll to the bottom to read the technical details).

The Illustration Process

Creating ‘sequential art’, whether in the form of a cartoon strip, graphic novel or comic book seeks to tell a story with words AND pictures in a narrative format.

Artists have developed so many wonderful ways to create this art form, so there is no ONE way to create your illustration, however, to create this project we’ll follow this process to ensure we all produce the BEST publication:

  1. Find the poem that speaks to you – then let us know you’d like to be the illustrator.
  2. Start to doodle, sketch and create – with a goal of sending us a rough ‘thumbnail’ pencil drawing of how you plan to ‘create’ your interpretation: how the story will flow, the number of pages you expect, placement of the poetry (type), etc.
  3. We’ll provide you with feedback (Looks Great!) and ask you to create a more defined ‘pencil’ drawing – at 100% of the size.
  4. More feedback from us… “Absolutely Incredible”.
  5. Next you’ll INK your pencil drawings.
    Want to create this 100% digital? No problem! Send me an email with a message about ‘DIGITAL ASSISTANCE’ needed.
  6. If your art is ink on paper, then scan and assemble your drawings with the type (No scanner? No problem. We have help for that).
  7. Assemble your story using InDesign and the furnished templates (more info on templates below).
  8. Submit your final files to us, sit back and get ready…
  9. Celebrate an incredible job well done!
Do you need help with scanning / digitizing your art? Send me an email here.
Click here to read more about our comics printer, KA-BLAM, and download the page templates.