The Boy’s Husky Section, Mom and Me

Beet cheeks and cool tears flowing
Pre-any Plus size
Pre-accept your body, Pre fat is rad The retail clerk calls me a him and “your boy”
My short hair and pudgy fat body Trying on “Husky” boy jeans
Because the “misses” never fit. I dream of wispy bohemian dresses
Hip hugging jeans
Pretty feminine blouses and not tents
On this annual Back-To-School shopping fiasco
That begins and ends in panic and tears

Never could find wide enough shoes for feet the podiatrist exclaimed—“Look at those platypus feet!”

Mom would gently stand by,
make suggestions albeit limited
as I tried to stuff my sausage body into
Ill fitting casings.

When high school arrived and I actually got asked to two formals— she whipped out the same sewing machine she used to create her wedding dress.

Using her imagination and my ideas
To create two beautiful ethereal dresses I felt beautiful thanks to her.
She never shamed me and my fat little body When the shopping mall trauma was over til another year
we sipped our Orange Juliuses on the way home and she’d find some other subject to focus my attention on.

There was no better best girlfriend to run through the Husky Boys section gauntlet with.


Copyright © 2018 by Carolyn M. Bevington. All Rights Reserved.


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