Geno’s Barber and Beauty Shop, Emmett, Idaho

Genie’s Weekly Constitution
is her standing Saturday 8:30 am appointment at
Geno’s Barber and Beauty shop
in Emmett, Idaho.
Her work-up consists of the following:
a Wash, Squeeze, Curler,
Helmet Dry, Cat-tail Comb and
Ratting Out of Her Hair
into a Bubbly Bouffant with a
Hard Lacquer of
Turquoise Label Aqua Net. Genie always brought Lou, her “Beauty Girl”
a fresh coconut- glazed cake donut and what Lou calls her
weekly small black tar (coffee.) Sitting under the helmet of her usual
assigned Rocket Pac dryer,
Genie takes a fresh menthol KOOL
out of her leopard skin cigarette case
and breathes in the smoke,
hairspray and sulfur egg smell of
Gentle Blonde semi-permanent hair dye
which her neighbor Lucille gets once a month,
but it always looks more like
Hard-Ass Brassy Blonde to Genie. Sipping on a Cherry Pepsi,
Genie sucks the cheese topping off all of the Doritos
and shoves the evidence back into
the red and orange foil bag. A week’s worth of Genie’s sweat,
Chantilly Lace Parfum,
fryer grease and one-too-many a
stale beer smell,
oozes from her pores. But once she crooks her neck
Into the avocado green beauty sink,
ALL of it,
gets scrubbed of by her Beauty Girl and
It dissolves and melts down the drain. When it gets to be
the following Saturday,
Genie returns from the weekly frontlines
and arrives again,
same time, same place,
same Beauty Girl Lou, with a
fresh coconut-glazed cake donut,
and one small black tar (coffee.)
Copyright © 2018 by Carolyn M. Bevington. All Rights Reserved.

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