Frequently Asked Questions about the
Wide Eyed Wonders Graphic Poetry Project.

Who are we looking for?

Established cartoonists and graphic illustrators, up-and-coming artists and skilled veterans – anyone who is looking for a wonderful way to express themselves in a unique interpretation of Carolyn’s poetry and become published in the first (of hopefully many) professionally published anthologies.

What is this project about?

We want you: to apply and become a graphic illustrator and interpreter of award-winning poet, Carolyn Maria Bevington’s poems in The Wide-Eyed Wonders Graphic Poetry Project — a collaboration of Carolyn’s poetry illustrated by YOU: artists working in the genre of sequential art or graphic novels, into a 36-page black and white book with a full color cover.

Where will this be published?

The project is being produced by a team of siblings, (Carolyn, Jennifer, Geoffrey and Christopher) from Boise, Idaho, Oakland, California and Chicago, Illinois and will be published by Bonehead Studios, in Chicago, with expected nationwide distribution.

Why should you participate?

You will be published in a book with other respected artists, participate in a collaborative art project, and will receive a minimum of five copies of the finished book.

Will I be paid for my artwork?

At this time we’re looking for artists who are able to contribute without guaranteed payment. We have funding in place to print/publish the book, with a grant from the Alexa Rose Foundation, but we do NOT currently have funding for payment of each artist.

Upon initial printing, we plan to create and run a Kickstarter page to pay each artist, but this is not guaranteed.

As an artist, you will retain 100% of the copyrights for your illustration. All rights to the text of the poem remain with Carolyn Bevington.

By participating in this project you grant us the right to publish your artwork for this specific publication.

What we need from you:

Read the poetry and find a poem that speaks to you.

Complete the ‘Reserve Your Poem’ form to let us know you’re interested in a particular poem – and we’ll hold it for you…

Then send an email (to with 2-3 samples of your best work and illustration style, along with a short description of why you’d love to be a part of this project!

When will the book be published?

We’re aiming for a publishing date in mid-2019, depending upon total participation and artists’ schedules.

What are the technical specifications?

We plan to print a 7″ x 10.5″ standard-sized comic at KA-BLAM Comics Printing. Click here for more information and details on page sizes, formats, etc.