Casa Abuelita

In custom of curandera
amongst the leaves, hierbas and yellow pollen buds of manzanilla
Keeps an olive oil jar with rubbing alcohol and
marijuana leaves in it–a pickled green lace
she could breathe during bathroom minutes
with just one rub of a Bullocks washcloth
hazel liquid mixing with sweat beaded neck and chest
she releases her smock pocket apron and rice speckled pleats
Places her puffy chestnut feet upon a towel covered stool
and watches the telenovelas, hum the Spanish soap opera tunes
As Mass lets out
the brown starlings dot the power line music sheet air
Flying out from the wood skirted doors of Divine Savior
And the palleteria ice cream boy on a bike gleans quarters for cold coconut
Bars on Cypress and Figueroa
the bike bell and a mission bell ring
in backroom a devotion candle stays perched and lit eternal
on the immaculate consumptiva 1932 Sunliner stove
Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Sacred Heart of Jesus
that glow ghost like and present by the luxurious Teflon bean pan
light always there to greet grandkids
who’d sneak a cold glass of limonada at
2:00 o’clock in the street light morning
the lemons from the backyard tree
stay sweet beyond a good Catholic pine sol scrubbing off of
gray smoky East Los Angeles tap water
Surrounded by camellias and bougainvilleas and the
Shrine to the Quiet Mothers
La Musica Radio Ambiente comes on as she hums the song
Las Mananitas–the little mornings
She snaps the sheets on the line, singsong gossips to neighbor Lupe
Takes a quick sugar break with a crusty pandulce and
Prays for her branches of babies and herself
Amidst the pink paper flower heat.
Copyright © 2018 by Carolyn M. Bevington. All Rights Reserved.

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