America 57

Holding a Viewmaster to the light, images on circle slides focus into a
Tennessee sunrise sky blushing a rosy applesauce pink as it bakes into
green tomato clouds. The rain and ozone dirt smell of the eerie yellow and green Illinois tornado air
and the wailing of tornado sirens turns houses yellow with light while
North Platte Nebraska steakhouses use cheap tin knives and Heinz 57.
old blackened gum forms bingo chips on LA sidewalks,
and the rain, like a friend way overstaying his welcome, licks periwinkle blue hydrangeas in Laurelhurst,
Portland, Oregon. Seattle cups with the coffee a steaming mahogany sway and spill on ferry boats while
hundreds of miles away Crazy Horse’s nose in South Dakota pierces the flat wind.
Eyeglass frames of fireflies surround our eyes in Ames, Iowa and
old downtown Vegas feels haunted under the unlit old Sahara sign
Ads littering the old sidewalks, the smell of grease frying and urine all at once. Holy Rollers in Daytona Beach pass out The Four Laws salvation cartoons
To hungover co-eds and locals feeling that their anointed holy mission is going well by the numbers. Amish butter bread crusts feed starlings on the loam of Bishop Hill, Indiana as
folding chairs sit empty, lining the streets at 9:00 am for the 5:00pm Cherry Festival parade in Emmett,
Copyright © 2018 by Carolyn M. Bevington. All Rights Reserved.

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