Coming in Summer of 2019

We made a fun little video to get folks excited about the Wide Eyed Wonders Graphic Poetry Project. We’re excited to share our sister Carolyn’s Poetry and hope you will be too!

Most of the video was filmed in Boise, Idaho – including in Freak Alley – a wonderful place where artists share their talents in downtown Boise.

Some of the ‘dream sequences’ in the video were filmed at the Indiana Dunes National Park, The Wynn, Las Vegas and in Angouleme, France.

The Bevingtons…

Front: Christopher, Carolyn and cousin Gabriel Reilly (in Carolyn’s arms).

Back: Twins Jennifer and Geoff Bevington…

…pictured in front of our Dad’s awesome, new-ish 1974 Creamsicle VW Vanagon Bus in the driveway of our Barrington Woods, Illinois home… circa 1976.

Meet the Bevingtons – The WEWGPP Team

The Wide Eyed Wonders Graphic Poetry Project team consists of 4 siblings: Carolyn, Jennifer, Geoff and Chris.

Carolyn Reading her poetry

Carolyn Bevington

The Poet

jennifer 50

Jennifer Bevington

The Rock + The Facilitator

Geoff Selfie Illustration

Geoff Bevington

The Bonehead + The Artist


Chris Bevington

The Youngest + The Wanderer

Next Steps…

Click here to reserve the poem you’d like to illustrate – and become a part of the Wide Eyed Wonders Graphic Poetry Project!

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