A Sweet Onion and Faint Pink Roses

I worked once as a CNA
in a nursing home. One of my patients was dying
and her leg was rotting off. We’d put Vicks’ Vapo Rub
in our noses to kill the stench of death
but our RN-Curandera
hung a Walla Walla sweet onion
cut in half
in a cheesecloth
under her bed. RN-Curandera said,
“The onion absorbs
the necrotic smells .”
and sure enough
sooner than later,
the sweet onion
soaked up the dying layers
of her life,
leaving only a faint smell
of rubbing alcohol. At the end,
someone said they smelled the
faint and heavy petal smell
of the pink roses of St. Theresa.
Copyright © 2018 by Carolyn M. Bevington. All Rights Reserved.


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